Let’s find hobbies for the Covid-19 Epidemic

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- A hobby you can do at home

▲ Picture of 'Jewely corss embrodiary' / Photo : Lee Sangyoung

 In order to soothe the mind of people who cannot go outside due to the long-term COVID-19, they developed unique hobbies that they could enjoy indoors.

 It suppress the desire for outdoor activities, and encourages and helps those who have lost interest in hobbies that they have not done before. Among them, the hobbies we are going to look today are jewelry cross embroidery, home training, cooking, watching movies and dramas.

 The first hobby is to make a picture of small jeweled beads called 'beads' by looking at the number on the design and attaching the right color of beads to the number. Depending on the size of the design, the time and difficulty levels are very different, so the first beginner to try the jewelry cross embroidery is recommended to start with a small-sized design, gain experience, and try a bigger one. In addition, one of the advantages of this jewel cross embroidery is that it is possible to choose a design that suits one's taste because there are various types of designs. If you want to fill all of these designs with beads, you can complete a single work in a few days, as short as two to three hours. It makes me concentrate so much in a short period of time that I think it is a suitable hobby for playing so-called 'killing time' at these days.

 As the second hobby is the so-called "home training" where sports facilities are restricted due to social distance-keeping sanctions, they work out in private spaces where they do not go out and do not contact the outside world. They watch videos of professionals' exercise lectures, and look back on how they worked out and how they worked out.

 Third hobby is cooking. You buy the Internet or cookbook myself and make my own food that I wanted to eat, and I record the process with pictures to develop my cooking skills and make memories. You will be able to develop your skills like this and later make food with your own recipes, not with a set recipe. For example, people use to waffle frames creatively instead of ordinary recipes by adding different ingredients such as toast and ham, not waffle dough. However, you should be careful when using fire or sharp cooking tools.

 My last hobby is watching dramas and movies. There are no suitable places to watch dramas or movies such as movie theaters, so the demand for these streaming sites has increased significantly due to the use of media content through video streaming sites to replace them. It is receiving great response from people as it can enjoy a lot of contents at a relatively low price. If you look at one piece, you can watch movies for one or two hours, and dramas for several days, so you can enjoy watching movies or dramas.

 Even if the COVID-19 ends in the future, it would be good to create various hobbies and set a stage for self-development to overcome the boring daily life and distance yourself from outdoor activities for a while for each other.


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