Problems with wearing masks

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- Tips for wearing a mask and fast management of skin trouble

 It has been changed so many things because of COVID-19. One of them is wearing a mask. There are many types of masks such as KF99, KF94, and KF80, as well as KF-AD non-mal-blocking masks, disposable masks, and dental masks. In any case, while we are wearing a mask, the skin on the face is covered by the mask. It makes us unventilated.

 Since wearing masks became common, the number of people complaining of skin trouble has increased. There are people who have a lot of pimples around their lips, have contact dermatitis for mask materials and have allergic reactions. Now, we meet people who are worried about facial skin truffles every day.

 The sebum accumulates on the face, but there is no hole in the mask that it is to fall out. Eventually, the sebum that builds up inside the skin turns into pimples. Careful cleansing is essential for mask-wearing days. Therefore, the number of people looking for acne treatments has increased considerably. There are more people looking for medicine to remove acne scars than before. It means that the skin acne problem has definitely increased since the mask.

 When you wear a mask, it is hard to breathe and the makeup on your face is all erased. The temperature can increase because the mask is full of moisture. The sebum secretion in the mask becomes severe, which causes various problems including pimples. As the humidity and temperature increase, sebum secretion increases, and especially the oily skin is a favorite environment for acne bacteria. In addition, if you speak while wearing a mask, saliva drops stick to the inside of the mask, which can make the growth of bacteria more active. Naturally, there is a higher chance of causing skin diseases such as acne. When wearing a mask, it is important not to put on makeup as much as possible. Wearing a mask over makeup will make the ingredients of makeup products lump together, making it more difficult to block pores more easily. If it is difficult to take off the mask, it is better not to put on makeup at all or just put on eye makeup.

 Assuming that the mask is out every day, it is most desirable to replace it every day. It is recommended that you wear a new mask every day when you go out. Especially if you need to put on makeup, it is important not to wear a mask with makeup on it again. If you have makeup on, it is most desirable to wash your face in the middle of the day, and it is recommended to use cleansing oil and cleansing foam. After washing your face, it is recommended that you apply acne ointment regularly after being prescribed by a pharmacy or hospital. For contact dermatitis caused by physical irritation, see a dermatologist for proper treatment. So far, we've looked into the side effects and treatments of wearing masks, and I hope they helped.

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