Post-season games of Korean professional baseball in November

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- KBO has undergone various changes due to the influence of COVID-19

▲NC Dinos team won for the first time since its foundation / Source: Naver Sports

Every year, the Korean professional baseball game, which filled the country with hot cheers and cheers in October. However it has been a little different this year. The reason why this year's Korean professional baseball game has a difference because of "COVID-19." Starting with China, COVID-19 quickly spread around the world and all activities were stopped. The sports sector was also unable to avoid the effects of COVID-19.

First, let's find out about post-season games. Postseason refers to all games played after the regular league to determine the final winning team. In the case of Korean professional baseball, there is a wild card game between the 4th and 5th place in the regular league, the 3rd place in the regular league and the winning team in the wild card game, the 3rd place in the regular league and the 3rd place in the wild card game, the 3rd place playoff of the regular league and the winner of the 4th round in the regular league, and the 4th round Korean Series.

Post-season games start in early October every year and end in late October. However, the 2020 Korean Professional Baseball Post season ended with the victory of the NC Dinos team on November 25. Originally due to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the baseball season was scheduled to start early, so the postseason was scheduled to take place in early October. However, the Olympics were postponed for a year due to the influence of COVID-19, and the league games opened on May 5. The regular season was scheduled for October 18, but baseball games were pushed back this summer due to record-breaking monsoon rains and typhoons, but the weather has since improved and the game has been played without a rain-cancelling game. Baseball games were highly likely to be held without spectators by applying the government's second stage of distance policy due to COVID-19, but professional baseball spectators were partially allowed to enter the games on condition that they were banned from making cheering sounds as social distance games went down to the first stage from October 13.

In 2020, Korean professional baseball was not able to hear the cheering of the spectators directly on the field, but had various experiences. Spectators cheered for their favorite baseball teams and experienced their usual baseball games by using video chatting applications at home and work in November. As such, this year we had a different experience cheering for baseball games in November, on the other hand, I hope COVID-19 will be disappeared as soon as possible. I want to see the scene of cheering baseball in a loud voice on the baseball field.

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