Holding an exhibition of art university students.

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- An exhibition of Art and Industrial Design departments was held.

사진 1: ▲ Art department students' exhibition / 촬영 : Koo YoonA

There are departments of Art, Industrial Design, and Music in the university of Arts. Last month, the department of Art and Industrial Design held an exhibition. We could appreciate many works of our university students’ effort at the exhibition.

 The department of Art aims to produce new creative talent and environment as the artist. Students can enter various fields by obtaining various certificates related to art or by double major with other departments. Last month, the Art department held the 15th Student Exhibition and the 39th Graduation Exhibition. The 15th exhibition of students was held in the the exhibition room on the third floor of the University of Fine Arts from 19 to 25 last month. The students' exhibition title was 'Memories of Young Days,' one of the flower words of Lilac They wanted to carry their memories and lives. The Art department's student exhibition is an annual event. They prepare for the exhibition autonomously for a year.

 Therefore, the Art department students' exhibition was able to appreciate various and individualized works without being tied to the genre. Meanwhile, the 39th graduation exhibition of Art majors was held from the 26th of last month to the 3rd of this month at the 1st to 3rd exhibition hall of the Kunsan Arts Center. However, the exhibition was cancelled as the social distance of Gunsan area was ungraded to level 2.

 On the other hand, the Department of Industrial Design is the department that aims to lead the globalization and community in the 21st century, focus on the practical education of design, and foster the character and sociality of professional personnel. The Department of Industrial Design, develops three specialization areas, such as cultural and environmental design, visual design and textile design, and the department has educational aims based on future specialization education programs. Last month, the Department of Industrial Design in the 32nd graduation exhibition is held.

 The 32nd graduation exhibition of the Department of Industrial Design was held from the 19th to the 23rd of last month at the 1st to 3rd exhibition Hall of the Kunsan Arts Center. In this graduation exhibition, the works were divided into 'visual design' and 'textile design' to design fabrics. At the exhibition, we could appreciate works of various designs that reflect the 4 years of the students of the department of Industrial Design.

 Applaud the efforts of students, professors, and everyone involved in the planning of the exhibition for a long time.

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