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- E-Class improved the problems that students raised.

 Due to the COVID-19 incident, school classes were changed from face-to-face classes to non-face-to-face classes in the same way as the first semester. There is only one way to meet professors and students.

 It is a space where students upload learning materials at school, ask and answer questions. Originally, this site had severe buffering on small letters. It was also very uncomfortable to post questions. However, the school tried to fix these things, but the problem was not fixed. As a result, students suffered a lot of inconvenience. When the class was changed to non-face-to-face, the problem grew, and the school created a new site. The newly created site offers a quick view of the lecture. It can tell how many weeks you've heard and how many minutes you've heard. Also, if you click on the lecture, you can know the amount of time you heard until the end. Here, students can just turn on the lecture, so if they don't click OK within 30 seconds, the lecture will be turned off.

 Schools have a program called Webex that allows professors and students to meet each other remotely. At this time, this is a real-time class, but most of the classes are recorded and uploaded by the professor himself and students only need to take it within the period. The duration of the course is recorded in several weeks and gives you nearly a week's time. Most people raise two or more, but they can also raise five or more. If you take a close look at this class, there is learning contents, learning information, learning activities, and subject information, such as announcements, question and answer questions, and lecture rooms where you can view lecture materials. Learning activities also includes attendance, assignment, discussions, surveys, and team activities.

 In this site, you can talk to your friend or professor with a note. Also, there is a section called today list that tells you what to do today.

 If it had been conducted as a face-to-face class, assignments or lectures would have been conducted on the spot. As it changed to non-face-to-face, it became a situation where students took lectures online and submitted assignments. However, limited face-to-face classes took place in the second semester. The notice for this class does not change, so you should check the notice frequently. As the class progresses online, you can take a picture of the assignment or upload it to a computer. The important thing is that this class has a function of modification, so you can modify it if you modify it within a period of time. When you submit it, you can check whether it was submitted well or if you uploaded the file correctly. The school made various efforts for the convenience of students to create a new class. Please use this class well to help you learn.

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