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- Available facilities and variety programs

 Our university runs student’s dormitories for our students who live far distance and foreign students. There are five halls for male student’s. Among them, what’s unusual is called BTL dormitory. BTL dormitory can join from second grade. BTL hall runs by private sector. Another halls for female student are total 4. Each dormitory have shower room, public bathroom and rest room. So students always can use anytime as they want.

 Male student’s shower room is in place every floor so who wanted to use these facilities should go in person. Rest room is one in each hall. By installing convenience facilities like this, our university is trying to make life more comfortable for our classmates.

 Also, in this second semester, we are encouraging students to participate by opening extracurricular programs for students who want to relieve their academic stress from COVID-19 and to enjoy a happy college life.

 If you attend this program, excellent activists may be awarded a certificate of merit and scholarship in the name of the president and may be recognized for volunteer hours. In addition, students can receive extracurricular activity points and store payments. Our university's extracurricular program is called the S.L.B. Social Club, which means a boarding-type comparative program (RC) to balance the learning and life of government officials.

 The programs are organized differently for each program. There are two ways to apply for the program by visiting the administrative office of the student living center or applying for registration of the integrated information system. There is no applying fee. For example there is ‘별별 취미강좌’ which got an application for this September.

 The most representative programs of the '별별 취미강좌‘ include Korean Wave programs and Nanta. The Korean Wave program teaches Korean language using K-POP culture, while the Nanta program is a time to learn and experience Nanta. If you want to inquire about the program, let's ask the teacher in charge of the comparative department of the student living center(Administrative Office Comparison Department ☎469-1953).

 Most of the students from other parts of the country are probably having an unfamiliar and difficult time adjusting to the city of Kunsan. I hope you can participate in the extracurricular programs and adapt to the dormitory life to interact with your classmates and receive the store, volunteer time, and scholarship benefits.

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