Why the world is paying attention to BTS?

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- They said “Love Myself!”

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 Until now, the global pop music market has been led by the U.S, Europe and Japan. From some point on, Korean singers such as Psy, Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, SHINee, and Super Junior have started to expand their K-POP territory as they entered overseas. Moreover with the release of BTS, they are making K-POP even hotter. Currently, BTS is sweeping the global pop music market as well as the United States. BTS officially debuted and began its career on June 13, 2013. And now, five years after their activities, they became singers recognized by the world. Then let's find out why BTS became famous all over the world.

 The first reason BTS succeeded is SNS. BTS uploaded various contents such as cover songs, mixtape, and behind stories, as well as their music videos and music on YouTube and social media. Fans fell into their world through the contents and heard their stories and sympathized with them. Through YouTube, BTS met with fans around the world, and their fans shared their stories with each other, posted on personal SNS, and promoted them to many people. As a result, the new song uploaded on BTS's YouTube set a record exceeding 100 million views in less than two days.

 The second reason BTS has succeeded is lyrics. The lyrics of BTS contained their concerns and voices they wanted to do, and it aroused great sympathy among fans around the world. Although each culture is different and the language is different all over the world, the lyrics tell the honest stories about the worries that people in their teens, 20s, and 30s have to face, soothing the hearts of people around the world who are struggling with it alone. One of BTS' songs, ‘Dynamite’ has the meaning of overcoming the lethargy of ‘COVID-19’ a virus that has spread all over the world these days, and “Corona Blue” that has occurred. There are many songs that comfort people who are suffering through the lyrics, as well as the brilliant melody and choreography.

 We talked about two reasons why BTS succeeded. Communicate with people through social media and deliver honest words they want to say through songs. Currently, BTS is a famous singer who is recognized not only in Korea but also around the world. If you have any concerns, it wouldn't be bad to listen to songs of BTS at least once. I hope that BTS will make better songs and communicate with more people and comfort them.



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