Do you know about the study room of our university?

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- Our university study room is available for reservation online.


▲Our university study room / Source : Our university homepage

  There are many facilities in our university to encourage our university registered students to learn, including the Central Library and the Hwangryong Library. Did you know that there is a study room in the our university? Let me introduce study room and tell you how to use it.

 The study room located on the 1st floor of the university headquarters consists of 4 rooms. The reservation system operates as a space that can be used in groups of at least 1 person and up to 5 people. Reservations are available from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. and can be used up to 4 times a day based on one hour. Professors, faculties and students in our university can use from room 1 to room 3. There are a whiteboard and internet connection LAN in each room.

 From room 1 to room 3, they are operated for professors, faculties, and students at our university, and each room has a whiteboard and internet connection LAN. As an exception, Room 4 is a learning coaching class, which allows students and faculty members to apply for learning coaching. Room 4 has an internet-connected LAN cable and a monitor that can connect electronic devices such as laptops.

 Using the reservations for study room can be made through our university website. First, go to our university website and log in. Click on the QUICK LINK on the right, and click on the study room(open Hwangryong Learning Culture Space) application at the bottom.

 Next, select the study room you want to use, and select the appointed date. Selecting a reservation date will pop up a checklist where you can select the appointed time. As this point, check the schedule status next to Schedule Time and find and check available times. After setting the time, you will need to register the application information. Member who uses it with the applicant also registers information by entering their ID(college number). Lastly, check the details of the personal information collection and usage agreement, and click ‘Agree and Apply’ to complete the reservation. If the reservation is completed successfully, the reservation details will be registered in My Page–Facility Reservation.

 Like this, our university has facilities and equipment to encourage students to learn. If we actively utilize the available learning facilities in our university, efficient and systematic learning activities will be possible.

 When using the study room, be sure to follow the Corona19 safety rules, check the fever and attach the fever check sticker to the mask strap or visible area. The mask should also not be worn lightly. I look forward to a safe and enjoyable college life as soon as possible.


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