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- How to Use and Install

 There are many benefits for faculty and students in our university. Among them, there is a benefit called MS-Office 365 that can be used free of charge through an one-year software license agreement to support education and research of Kunsan University faculty and students.

 The range of use is five personal PCs and laptops or five mobile devices. As a method of use, you can log in to the website of Kunsan University first, sign up for membership in Office 365 menu, and use it after installing Office 365.

 ▲The available systems are as follows : There are △Microsoft △Word △Excel △Powerpoint △OneNote △Access △Publisher △Outlook, etc. Second, △OneDrive : 1TB of cloud storage. For inquiries, contact Kang Mi-sook (☎469-1004, of the system operation team of the information computer operator.

 Office 365 can be used by e-mail here, so let's find out how! This is a guide on how to use Office 365 mail for students at Kunsan University. In other words, How to use Office 365 mail for students. First, Logging in to the homepage. For your information, ID or PW : Same as integrated information system. Second, Join Office365. QUICK LINK on the right side of the homepage screen , Student , Office 365 lastly, Sign up. Third, Log in to Office 365 page with your account and use Outlook. Office 365 can be used on five devices under one account. Important information is automatically uploaded and synchronized to the cloud after taking notes.

 When collecting research data from Excel, if there is a table on a web page, the form is often broken if you paste it into an Excel file, but it is a function that imports the table as you see on the web. The function is to collect all the tables on the corresponding web page and put the tables as they are shown on the sheet. The following is the Moping Technique on PowerPoint. When creating animations that move images that were previously put on slides, there was a way to create user-specified animations that move one by one, but if there were so many objects, it would be a real hard working. Mocking techniques allow users to make animations of natural movements by comparing the differences between the two slides.

 Finally, how to make 3D animation on PowerPoint. You can easily make animation videos by inserting 3D models in PowerPoint. I hope it will help your school life.

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