“Dokdo Day”, The day when we remember our things.

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- Korea's territory that we have to protect

 Do you know any famous Korean island? Most of you might think of Jeju Island as a representative island. Not so big, but it's another island, which has a great value, there is 'Dokdo'. This time, we are trying to talk about ‘Dokdo Day’ to celebrate it.

 Dokdo is located in the Republic of Korea's east end, Donghae the island. 'Dokdo Day' was decided to celebrate that Dokdo was specified as an attached island of Ulleungdo by Emperor Gojong on 1900 October 27.

 As we have recorded history, Dokdo is an apparent land of Korea. However, Dokdo Day was designated in after a lot of effort.

 The reason for this is that since 1905, Japan has unilaterally changed Dokdo to Takeshima and continuously claimed sovereignty over Dokdo.

 However Dokdo is Korea's territory on historical grounds. Japan's assertion is clearly a false fact and we have a duty to correct it.

 South Korean government authority and many organizations have made efforts to protect the territorial rights of Dokdo. In 2000, the Dokdo Guard, a private organization, designated ‘Dokdo Day’. Since 2005, they have been campaigning for signatures to be established as National Day. Then, in 2008, a bill was submitted to the Diet to enact ‘Dokdo Day’. In 2010, 16 regions and various associations jointly declared 'Dokdo Day'. There are also many events in Korean society to commemorate ‘Dokdo Day’.

 Various events are held to commemorate Dokdo Day, including exhibitions, concerts, commemorative ceremonies, and reading ceremonies. Various educational institutions sometimes invite people to participate in Dokdo-related activities public in commemoration of Dokdo Day. There are also public relations activities to inform Dokdo on various social networks.

 Dokdo is an island of infinite value of various fields, including economic, geographical and ecological aspects. It must also have the greatest value in terms of territory of Korea. Korea and its people will never forget the duty and value of protecting ‘our things’.

▲ Dokdo / Source : NAVER

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