How about expressing Hangul in calligraphy this Hangul Day?

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- Hangul, the native language of Korea that contains precious history.

 Do you know what holiday is coming October 9th? It is 'Hangul Day' on October 9th. "Hangul" is a letter that describes the language of the Republic of Korea in which we live. There are various countries all over the world, and each country has its own language and letters. So people are communicating using various languages. Let's take this time to find out about Hangul that we use.

 Hangeul is a unique Korean alphabet created by King Sejong, the fourth king of the early Joseon Dynasty, under the name "Hunminjeongeum." King Sejong felt heartbroken that the general public were unable to properly find their human rights while living without letters. Their people could not appeal to the government office, nor could they demand that they correct them even if they were subjected to unfair trials, nor could they learn the difficult Chinese characters even if they tried to write letters. Therefore, King Sejong made Hangul which can be used comfortably by ordinary people. When King Sejong created Hangeul, it was called "Hunminjeongeum," meaning "the right sound for teaching the people.“

 During the Japanese colonial period, the Japanese colonial government used a 'language extermination policy' to press down on a bayonet on writing Korean and Korean. For the Korean people at that time, writing Korean was a way to restore national spirit, and writing our own language was regarded as a kind of independence movement, so at that time, Hangeul was the place to rely on our time. The Joseon Language Society has designated a day of Hangul which a day of created Hunminjeongeum as September 10th of the lunar calendar and has designated October 9th as Hangul Day.

 Why don't we celebrate Hangul Day with such a unique hobby method? Today, I would like to introduce you to 'Calligraphy.' Calligraphy refers to hand-drawn characters, which are viewed from the perspective of pure formations, such as flexible and dynamic lines, unique smudging of the letters themselves, slightly passing effects, and the balance of the margins. Calligraphy, which values individuality and coincidences, is not a mechanical expression but a beautiful and individualized writing style. Calligraphy is one of the recent emerging hobbies because there are no restrictions on places, and it is a hobby that anyone can easily follow. Gunsan City has prepared the community center programs every quarter to recruit calligraphy student. For more information, please refer to Gunsan City Hall website. I hope you will welcome Hangul Day in a different way of the calligraphy you learned this time.

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