Why can’t we read books because of COVID-19

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 If I ask you about why don’t you read some books, I know what you answer. You will say that COVID-19 makes the library to close. But that excuse will be a fiddlestick after you read this article. The reason is easy. Because we can borrow some books anywhere! I will show you how to which is even free. You don’t have to be our university student. But if you are not, you need to register on our university’s library.

 First, you need your ID and the password of our university’s library and the e-book library application. ID is the same as your student ID and the password is the last seven digits of your resident registration number. If you are a foreign student, the password is the last seven digits of your foreigner registration number. Next, you should download the application. Search ‘Kyobo’ on the ‘Play store’ or ‘App store’ on your phone. And the fourth one with the green designed icon is that. You can also read on the laptop. And also, in this case, you have to download the e-book program.

 Second, search our university’s library on the application. And this is the last step. It’s simple. After you finish, you can borrow, reserve, and put in for some books which aren’t here but you want. You can borrow books at most 5 books for 7 days. Plus, you can extend the 7 days more if you want. The books are returned automatically on the return date. For your information, there are over 10,000 various books here.

 I can say the best tip of using an e-book service is that you can propose some books which are not bought yet. You can do it on the laptop and the smartphone both. Just type your book and why you want. The library buys books regularly, so I expect that you can read your book in 2 weeks. And another tip is that you can use the TTS service. I mean you can utilize the service when your eyes are tired. Or if you are studying Korean, you could learn the pronunciation easily.

 There is another e-book beside this. It is an audiobook. How-to steps are the same as an e-book. And the application you need is ‘audien library’ which is popped out for the second when you search ‘audien’ on the ‘Play store’ or ‘App store’ on your phone. It has an icon with green. You can listen to the books that are recorded by the professional voice actors.

 Besides, our university gives gift cards to the three e-book and audiobook multi readers each every semester. Reading various books plus getting money! How wonderful. 100,000 won of the gift card is not that few, right? Whether there is COVID-19 or not, you can read and listen to the books anywhere with e-book service. Anywhere, anytime, even without the Wi-Fi if you download it before. Although there are some benefits to paper books, we can save the environment and we don’t have to carry heavy books. Even though you don’t have an interest in it, I think just using e-book may help us in the future.

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