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- Overall management of exchange and language training program.

▲ Institute of International Exchange / Source : Kim Gahyun

 There are many annexes in our university, but the main facilities used by foreign students will be the Institute for International Exchange and Education. The facility mainly helps foreign and Korean students interact. It also manages a program to teaches Korean to foreign students and helps them adapt to Korea overall. Let's take a deeper look at our university's facilities, the Institute for International Exchange and Education. Kunsan University's Institute of International Exchange and Education is divided into the Ministry of Language and Education to support students studying foreign languages and the Department of International Exchange to help them interact with our universities and other universities.


 ▶First, let’s find out about the Department of Language Education!

 To improve foreign language skills, the Ministry of Language and Education is a department that operates various educational programs, and will conduct the operation of special lectures on in-school language and native English conversation courses and various mock tests. Special lectures and lectures on language study in schools are conducted differently from textbooks by level to support efficient learning, and during vacation, students can take special style paid lectures for about three to six weeks of TOEIC and english conversation on a first come, first served basis. There are TOEIC, TOEIC SPEAKING, and OPIC taking a mock test. One of the representative subjects of the mock test is TOEIC. The mock TOEIC is conducted about 10 times a year, and all other detailed schedules and applications related to various mock tests can be checked at the CHECK SCORE of our university’s language education department.


 ▶Next, let’s find out about the International Exchange Department!

 The International Exchange Department is a department that helps active exchanges and smooth communication between our universities and foreign countries. The Department of International Exchange manages cooperation with our universities and foreign universities, and manages the overall portion of counseling admission support for foreign students. Through the Department of International Exchange, our university has signed an exchange agreement with other universities since 1982.02.21. and has established relations of China (24 universities), Japan (12) and the United States (10). In addition, the International exchange Department provides exchange students and language training programs for students. For more information and applications on exchange student and overseas language training program in schools, can be found on the website of the International Exchange Department of our university’s institute of International Exchange and education for each semester.

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